Why Epik Sanitation Boots?

Why Epik Sanitation Boots?

A good boot is hard to find, but a perfect boot may seem impossible. Well, you have never been closer to finding that perfect boot and it is right here at Epik. If you've made it this far, you may still be wondering, Why Epik Boots? Why should I go with Epik, over the cheapest option off of Amazon? Well, not all boots are made equally so when you ask, "Why Epik Boots?" We answer with, "Why Not?"

First, Epik Boots and garments were designed specifically with the food production industry in mind. We have looked specifically at what our users needed and how we can improve the boots they needed. No matter the department, position, or temperature; Epik boots are made for all things in the food and meat processing world.

All of our sanitation boots are a one-piece construction of either rubber or polyurethane. The one-piece construction is designed for enhanced durability and lifespan. This seamless design allows for even wear-and-tear evenly through usage rather than falling apart at points of connection. The one-piece construction also means that our boots are 100% waterproof and protect against contamination from the outside, perfect for dirty jobs!

All of the boots are available with or without a safety toe cap, for extra protection. Depending on your work environment or materials, this added level of safety can make all the difference. However, if you prefer something more light-weight, most boots are available without the safety toe.

The advanced tread on our boots are slip-resistant and have built-in shock absorbers in the heel. The tread also includes TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) inserts at the areas of most contact to reinforce durability. These boots are designed for long hours of wear with the user in mind. 


Regardless of your work, there is a sanitation boot for you.

Whether you are on the floor, or in the warehouse, Epik has a boot for you! We have all jobs and departments covered, no matter how cold or how dirty the job can get. All of our boots feature a slip-resistant tread and one-piece construction, but there are a few boots better suited for different lines of work. Our closed sole tread is perfect for smooth and wet surfaces, it features an enhanced slip-resistant sole. We have an Open sole that is great for loose debris when doing outdoor work or tending livestock. Lastly, our Self-Cleaning sole that meats all challenges for the food industry, versatile in every aspect.

While each boot is different and has unique properties, it is important to find a boot that works for you.  You can check out our line of Sanitation Boots here! Be sure to visit our Freezer Boots for more jobs that have extreme conditions and heavy-duty tasks. We also carry Slip Resistant Shoes and Slip Resistant Boots for things outside of the production line. Contact us with your specific job functions or user needs, and we can make individual recommendations or recommendations for your whole team. No matter the budget or function, Epik has a boot for everyone.