Embroidery and Heat Transfer

Embroidery and Heat Transfer

You too can now customize your freezer wear and cooler wear with embroidery or heat transfer patches. By adding a custom touch, you and your staff could match or differentiate with individual customization. To start an embroidery or heat transfer, send us a high-quality version of the logo or the info you wanted on the garments and the location.

Embroidery and Heat Transfers are the perfect option to print:

  • Team member names to easily differentiate their gear from other team members
  • Company and Brand Logos to match uniforms
  • Team names or divisions to specify specific departments
  • Positions or ranks within your organization to identify managers or supervisors
  • Numbers for identification and tracking internally
  • Awards or recognition for specific team members
  • Anything else you want!

Freezer Wear Embroidery

Machine embroidery will take your digital logo and convert it into a machine-sewn image directly on the area of your choosing Embroidery is by far the most durable method of customization for your freezer wear and cooler wear. The threads and fibers typically last longer than patches or screen printing and can be machine washed without losing color or quality.

Embroider Sample

Heat Transfer Customization

Heat Transfer is a perfect way to add a large logo to a surface. The advantages of customizing your jackets, bibs, or pants using a heat transfer are that the process is quick, and the image is a full digital print. This means that you can send over any logo or image you want, and it can be transferred on a jacket. Heat transfer customization is perfect for adding a large logo to the back of jackets or bar codes for keeping inventory.

Heat Transfer Sample

Contact us for more

If you are interested in customizing your freezer or cooler wear, we will just need the location, the size of the custom design, and the location on the product. For any more questions reach out to us at heythere@epik.us.com, give us a call, or fill out a contact form here.